At BGP we provide a full range of consultancy, training, investigation and technology solutions to law enforcement, private individuals, community groups, sports bodies and industry professionals both within the UK and globally.

BGP Global Services


We continue to assist such groups on a wide range of issues throughout the world. We have worked in partnership with London's Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police, and the UK Crown Prosecution Service, as well as with many major corporations, private individuals, community groups and sporting bodies.

We provide a complete range of professional services including investigations and due diligence through to personal and corporate security awareness and guidance, as well as training for law enforcement, individuals and corporate clients. We are able to meet your requirements, whatever they may, be in our ever changing world.

Established in 2007, BGP was assembled using skills and knowledge gained from UK policing, as well as from servicing the public and private sector. When it comes to training, delegates find our model both challenging and empowering, and as such are able to benefit from the experience of interacting with professionals who have 'real-life' experience in such situations.

Working in partnership with business, police forces, local authorities, community groups as well as sporting and media organisations we are able to deliver training and assistance to both the public and private sector. This will often include the use of our unique and bespoke collaboration and debriefing platform FEDS as well as our custom built crisis management tool LIMIT. These systems are continually being improved in conjunction with our media partner Milestone.

At BGP we look forward to being able to guide and assist you, whatever your requirements.

For more information please contact us on +44(0)203 2901213 or email




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